We have had a rocky few years, and even though the pandemic has been a terrible entity, we have learned a great deal about how we must change to improve the world around us. Part of the problem is our overall energy consumption. Carbon-free is not merely a concept for environmentalists but is being implemented in the primary business format of top WordPress hosting USA providers. If you are looking for domain name registration services or top-rated web hosting, look for these positive energy changes in providers and make an informed decision on who you will support.


Before 2020, telecommuting was still new, but virtually every company worked with some form of telecommuting option for their employees during the pandemic. Even though restrictions in many areas have been lifted, leading shared WordPress hosting providers remain focused on telecommuting practices. Telecommuting helps providers do more for the environment and offset their carbon emissions from servers in their employ. Not only are they reducing the amount of energy used in their private facility by reducing the number of people within the building, but they are also keeping more vehicles off the road and reducing emissions in that manner. Telecommuting is a two-fold solution to a genuine problem, and thankfully, companies worldwide are working to ensure it is an option for their valued employees. 

Green Energy Resources

Servers will take up the energy no matter what a WordPress web hosting services provider does. Still, they can drastically offset their strain on the power grid by utilizing power-generating resources that are already present. Companies are investing in green energy resources such as solar, wind, and a combination of both to power their servers. Providers that do this reduce their energy costs while providing a pivotal service to their clients, and many pass that savings on to their customers. Green energy resources reduce our emissions and reliance on crude oil resources. 

Clean Energy Commuting Incentives

Change is difficult for most people. As a human race, we can be highly resistant to changes in our routines. However, as a people, we must do our part in providing a more carbon-free format to our lives. Companies across the globe and internet providers specifically are providing their employees with special incentives for investing in clean energy resources. Incentives for carpooling and walking or riding a bike to work are becoming a part of the benefits package of many companies today. It is imposing to see SMBs and WordPress hosting services so heavily invested in every aspect of a carbon-free lifestyle. 

Investment in Plant-Based Foods

What we eat can have a vast impact on the world around us as well, and, although this is not the most popular concept yet, some providers are asking their employees to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. Although this may seem to have no actual effect on the provider’s ability to provide a service, you must remember that the entire world works in a symbiotic loop. Whether good or bad, every entity has an effect either directly or indirectly on everything else. Those who practice a plant-based lifestyle will want to further their assistance to mother earth and find innovative ways to invest their findings back into their workplace. 

What Can You Do?

Remarkably, many WordPress domains and hosting services are actively involved in a carbon-free work environment. However, it is not up to the big companies to make these essential changes. It is up to all of us. Green energy and a carbon-free format for business are essential for making the world a better place, and these changes do not have to be large or expensive to make an impact. They have to be implemented. 


Take a look at your SMB. Are you carbon-free? Do you have energy-saving concepts in place? Are there areas you can change? The answer may surprise you, but it is essential in both a physically-based business and an internet-based company to do their part and help the environment. Work to make your website as energy efficient as possible and when you buy WordPress hosting, choose a provider that shares your beliefs. It does not take much, but we can make a significant difference in energy usage throughout the world when we all work together. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

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