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Creating a database table


Before you can do anything with your Database, you should create a table and set the corresponding fields in it.

Creating a table in PHPMyAdmin is simple. Just type the name, select the number of fields and click the Go button. You will then be taken to a setup screen where you should create the fields for the database.


Alternatively, you can run a MySQL query, which will create the table. The format is:

CREATE TABLE tablename (



The fields are defined as follows:

fieldname type(length) extra info,

The fields are separated by comma.

For example, if you wish to create a table called Members with 3 fields in it - FirstName, LastName and Age, you should execute the following query:

FirstName varchar(15),
LastName varchar(15),
Age int

More information on how to connect to the database and how to query it can be found in the following tutorials:

  • Connect to the database
  • Query the database
  • Display table data
  • Select individual records

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